Anari Worldview Washington

Anari Worldview Washington Delegation Meeting in the Federal Reserve Board Room
Anari Worldview Washington Women’s group in front of the White House
Bill Anawaty w. then Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice (Cosmos Club, Washington, DC)
Austin Goolsbee, President Obama’s
Chairman of Council of Economic Advisors (Metropolitan Club luncheon hosted by Anari Inc.)
Bill Anawaty w. With President George W. Bush (White House 2008)
Anari Worldview Group leaving a meeting at the White House Old Executive Office Building including (center front) Anatole Kaletsky, co-founder of Gavekal, one of the world’s leading independent providers of global investment research
Anari Worldview meeting w. Dr. Ed Lezear, President Bush’s Chairman of Council of Economic Advisors (Eisenhower Executive Office Building)
Anari Worldview group with then Senator Biden (D.-Delaware) in his Senate Office Conference Room
Bill Anawaty w. then Sen. John Kerry
With Dan Yergin, author “The Prize: The Epic Quest for Oil Money and Power” and has servedon the US Secretary of Energy Advisory Board under Presidents Clinton, Bush, Obama, and Trump.