Anari Worldview

Upcoming Spring 2023
In development: Anari Worldview Washington Program

Develop & enhance your institution’s “worldview” effective decision-making capabilities by joining an Anari Trip that includes:

  • Highly personalized institutional research assessment trips directly to  investment markets around the world —
  • Meetings conducted with central bankers, government officials, economic planners, financiers, corporate executives and others shaping a given country’s or region’s economic, political, financial, and strategic directions —
  • Face-to-face small-group meetings in each country useful for economic evaluation, asset allocation, risk assessment, strategic planning, and in-country relationship building.

About Anari Worldview

In the late 1970’s, New York investment bank Dillon Read’s Chief Economist Herbert Lewis began conducting overseas programs for institutional investors to evaluate first-hand the risks and rewards of international investment and asset diversification that was later spun off as a separate company in the 1980’s and renamed in the 1990’s.

Bill Anawaty, President, Anari Inc. and Barbara Bennett, CEO & Director/Latin Amerca – pictured at an Anari-hosted Worldview Washington DC investor event at the Cosmos Club

Founder: Herbert Lewis, New York

Herbert Lewis began his career as an economist at the New York Stock Exchange, then served as Chief Economist of Dillon Read investment bank in New York. He has conducted macro-economic investment seminars overseas since the late 1970’s when US institutions first began to invest abroad.

President: William Anawaty, Washington, DC / Houston, TX / Tokyo, Japan

A graduate of Yale University and the University of Texas Law School, Bill Anawaty dealt with foreign financial issues and leaders while serving at the US Treasury Department as International Legal Counsel, Director of Special Programs, and Executive Assistant to the Deputy Secretary, respectively.

Bill founded ANARI Inc. in 1983 to conduct international business transactions, initially with Asia, and teamed with Herbert Lewis beginning in 1985 to continue and expand investor programs to destinations around the world.

CEO and Director/Latin America: Barbara Bennett, Washington, DC

At Citibank in the 1980’s, BA/ MBA Barbara Bennett was Vice Chairman Bill Rhoades’ team coordinator during the Latin debt crisis, handling debt swaps, workouts, and restructuring the debt of Latin countries. As Director of Finance and Administration of the US-Mexico Chamber of Commerce in the 1990’s, she was responsible for fifteen offices in the US and Mexico. Fluent in Spanish she founded and operated an export business in Panama for four years.